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Petite Jazz Fusion - Jeff Gray

October 10, 2016


Instruments - tenor saxophone (Jeff Gray, co-write credit), bass (Charles Wright, Mike Pryor),

drums (Sean Peck)


          Gilbert Engle has been composing music for over 30 years and creating art for 25+ years. With over 600 music compositions, 50 albums, 200 visual works and 80 paintings completed so far, he has always had a small, but dedicated fan base. As he has found the time and backing to devote full time to his passions, Gilbert has built the portal to provide free access to most of his completed and upcoming works and to share his passion with a global audience. With a background in programming, Gil was a highly sought after Java programmer. He retired at age 47 and dedicated his life to creating works of art and music to inspire creativity in others seeking to express their creativity. His music compositions include rock, jazz rock, blue grass, jazz blue grass, orchestra, orchestra with drums, synthesizer performances, jazz fusion, dance, classical guitar, piano sonatas, jazz rock with female vocals, big band jazz, guitar fusion, jazz quintets, and one live album. Many of the recordings feature top performers from the mid-Atlantic area.


         Gilbert has completed over 80 acrylic paintings and more than 200 eclectic digital images. Everything is observable at


         Stay tuned as Gilbert works on his first set of reggae compositions while you discover the prolific wonders of his art and music.


        Gilbert has an E=mc2 tattoo on his left arm. Gilbert got this one because the equation represents beauty, truth, creativitiy, desruction, and terror. Everything is kind of in that equation. 

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