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Jill Savre Releases Nothing Up My Sleeve

September 29, 2016

Jill Savre has just recently released her most ambitious collection of music, Nothing Up My Sleeve. The record, which has been garnering accolades throughout the music world, is filled to the brim with lush tones, energetic melodies, and Savre’s often soft and savory vocals.


In album 9 great tracks:


1. Nothing Up My Sleeve 

2. Skeleton Key 

3. Today 

4. It’s Only Temporary 

5. With Or Without You 

6. Guess I'll Cry 

7. Just As I Am 

8. This Must Be Your Lucky Day 

9. Christine


Throughout the record we channel an artist that pours her heart and soul into the music. Each piece takes the listener on a musical journey, as her talent for storytelling and penning an eclectic song hits close to home. Though each song on the record stands on its own, we see Savre shine as pieces such as title track “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” and “Skeleton Key.” Her vocals drift throughout the songs as her heart and soul pour out in every selection.


Jill Savre is a phenomenal and noteworthy musical talent whose music will stand the test of time. It is safe to say that Jill Savre does indeed have something up her sleeve…and it’s worth noticing.


See video for the song Nothing Up My Sleeve now!


Jill Savre - Nothing Up My Sleeve



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