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"Runaway Blues" Sasha's Bloc

May 26, 2016



Jazz collective Sasha’s Bloc has earned the best reviews of their burgeoning career via coverage of their new CD ‘Heart On Fire’ and recent LA concerts. The band, conceived by bassist Alex Gershman and featuring guest vocalists Jane Monheit and Alvin Chea, evokes the Big Band Jazz Sound of the 1920s-40s: “Gershman and his Sasha’s Bloc serve as a reminder of the reason we fell in love with jazz in the first place. It makes you feel nostalgic and free.”


Sasha's Bloc - Runaway Blues

Sasha's Bloc - Alex Gershman, Brandon Fields, Mr. McChesney, Alex Budman, Kye Palmer, Kevin Winard, Andy Langham, Steve Cotter, Tony Galla, Jane Monheit, Nora Rothman, Glynis Leflore, Darah Fortier and Octavia Pace. “Gershman is not a jack of all trades; rather he is a master. He wears many hats and wears them all well: physician, surgeon, philanthropist, bandleader, songwriter and bassist to name a few. The 8-piece small group which is Sasha’s Bloc sounded nothing short of amazing as they dazzled the capacity level VIP crowd. Songs like “Feels Like Jazz” and “Breakfast” were guest favorites, along with the sweet and melodic duet “Black and Blue.” Speaking of the songs, they are Gershman originals. And from my perspective, his writing is right up there with some of the classic songsmiths of the first part of the 20th century.” -International Review of Music by James DeFrances.



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