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The first wind tunnel in Latin America rings with B-Liv

February 20, 2016

The only professional air tunnel in Latin America has arrived in Bogotá. The tunnel will allow yourself to literally fly, your body being suspended in the air up to a height of 5 meters. 


Built by Go Flying with Colombian technology, the tunnel will be particulary useful to people who love extreme sports such as parachuting, for they will be able to enhance their skills and substantially improve their abilities in the art of Bodyflight, a sport which is at its boom in Europe, Asia and the US.



Go! Flying will be launched on March 5 and 6 in Bogotá with special guests from around the world. Mexican entrepreneur Lisé Hernández Girouard, an Indoor Sky Dancing pioneer and founder of Indoors Sky Dancing, will be accompanied by Vladimir Polyakoff and Dmitri Plavutsky (Russia), skilled Bodyflight athletes. And last but not least, the event will feature B-Liv (Colombia-Mexico), as the artist in charge of the musical live act performance and general mood, as well as the soundtrack for the dancers in the Indoor Sky Diving show. B-Liv is one of the most respected DJs and House scene producers in Mexico, with over 7 songs in the International House Music Top 100, 1st place in the MXP4 of the Ministry of Sound in London, and one of the artists invited to perform during the official visit of the Pope, as part of the musical diversity that takes place in such a beautiful country as Mexico.




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