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Yourz Truly New Hit Going In For Life!!!

September 6, 2015

Yourz Truly aka Y.T newly released smash hit Going In For Life.

A Insperational Classic to uplift through all obstacles.


Truly Yourz (UT) is back with another smash single is going to live.
It is uplifting and positive song was written to provide inspiration in hip-hop music, in spite of the negative stereotypes.

Truly Yourz debut EP first impression released this fall!



Rapper , singer , songwriter Quartez L. Binns better known as Y.T (Yourz Truly), started out as a R&B artist and would later go on to prove to be multi-talented as he took on Hip Hop as a freestyle rap battler, showcasing his lyrical skills during his high school years. Known for his diverse style and musical creativity, Yourz Truly is the first artist to be released on the indie label FaSho Records based in Atlanta.While other artists tip-toe around originality, Yourz Truly spent his time developing his song material and craft songs that make his pen separate from the majority of crowd. From R&B to Hip Hop, he found a way to create his own sound in the landscape of urban music. Yourz Truly flaunts a polished, energetic flow , but he also takes his music SERIOUS. "I saw what other artist were going through, losing sight of their dream, and giving up because they felt they had to conform their sound to fit in...." Yourz Truly reveals. "I didn't want to go that route. I wanted to do something, be somebody that did his own thing. There are a lot of artist that never get the chance to come out or be heard. By being independent with the help of Fa Sho Records, I can hopefully give inspiration for the NEXT young artist to prove you can make positive music, do your own thing while being a example of remaining true to your dreams!”This year Yourz Truly official releases his first single They Don't Put It Down Like You, and his uplifiting latest single Going In For Life from forthcoming EP First Impression. This is the opening salvo from a future star taking his time to make a imprint in music for the future.


WE would also like to mention that the track They Don't Put It Down Like You was presented New York City Radio!!!


Yourz Truly is a new voice hits 100%! It is a fresh sound and unique voice!
No doubt will soon become a real star of the RnB and Hip-Hop!


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