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Uncle Watt! who? Uncle Watt!!!

August 26, 2015

As is known AMTI covers only the most relevant, fresh and exclusive news in the world of music!
At this time, we would like to tell you about a wonderful team from L. A.- Uncle Watt

Uncle Watt is a music collective from the Eagle Rock district of Los Angeles an enclave of artists, musicians, studio and other imaginative and eccentric folk. It is from this environment of creativity and experimentation that Uncle Watt draws its energy, insight and musical perspective.
At heart, Uncle Watt is a rock band the music is rock and roll, with splashes of electronica, blues, garage/surf, dreamy-drone, you-name-it, all run through a high-tech, space-age "retro-tronic" filter, for synth-flavored fun. The ever-changing compliment of musicians, poets and tech-savvy metro-geeks that are Uncle Watt ensure that the music is ever-changing, ever-evolving and always interesting.
Catchy melodies, fun harmonies and unforgettable lyrics define the sounds of Uncle Watt. With a sense of humor and the absurd, and just the right amount of surrealist silliness, Uncle Watt is here to rock your planet, move your feet, and leave you smiling. Remember to Dance the Crimson Dance; Life's a Lucid Dream. 
Just ask Uncle Watt. It'll all make sense in time.


Would like to mention a track titled Johnny Was A Spacer (Bonk Bonk):


Although the AB group is quite young, but she immediately declared itself, as evidenced by numerous accolades as other musicians and critics!
Here's one:


Robert Beeton, Internet Critic (2015)

UNCLE WATT takes influence from many different genres such as blues and electronica and aims to create music that is fun, interesting and of a different nature.  I like the fact that Uncle Watt uses a simple formula with a wide range of influences to create an interesting and different sound, which makes them unique in their own kind of way. Many bands these days trail off and try to be someone else but it is clear that this band is sticking to its own sound. Great work is being made by Uncle Watt who have a lot of potential. Keep it up!

JOHNNY WAS A SPACER:  . . . interesting, unearthly piece to listen to. With itsspacey vibes and robotic sounding voice, it fees unworldly and almost as if it's an alien's unique journey! With its retro, mellow feel you will find yourself bobbing around and tapping your fee quite easily!

JOSHUA TREE: Here we find Uncle Watt's blues influence combined with dialed back vides to create a very chilled out kind of track . . . with a retro, mellow feel.

WIDE OPEN HEART:  . . . serves up more attitude with twang guitars driving the track . . . . great lyrics . . . easy to remember and will have people singing along without a doubt! 




And check out Uncle Watt's new CD "Watt's Happening!"

12 songs, nearly an hour of music and fun, available at:





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