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Future's Future by XT Dream

July 1, 2015

News from the world of Hip-Hop!

XT Dream to your attention the album Future's Future,

but first a few words from the artist!


XT Dream Las Vegas, Nevada


"Music (says XT Dream) is my pathway of sharing energy, wisdom,philosophy and emotion like no other. My passion for creation and expression is fueled by Life experience, in the moment occurrences, and ideas of fellow creative minds alike. 
Living Life".


Future's Future

Compact Disc (CD)



1. Future's Future 00:22

2. Light Signal 03:41

3. Grand Scheme 01:26

4. Love (Rebirth) 02:58

5. Spiritual Beings 02:14

6. Friendship 02:32

7. Wandering Zintok 02:31

8. Face The Future 02:52

9. Feelin' It Feat. Le Real 02:13

10. Old Hope 03:12

11. Peaceful Sentiments 02:39

12. Prosperity 02:52

13. Faded Nation of Dreaming 02:46

14. Not Human At All Feat. Jakim Jarel04:44

15. Future Judgement 02:44

16. Can't Quit It' 03:12


Though the whole album is just wonderful but would like to highlight a few tracks:


03. Grand Scheme - XT Dream




12. Prosperity - XT Dream





Spiritual Hip-Hop


released 17 March 2015 

Original Album Artwork done by Ross Durham


Listen and buy the album on the official page of the musician:

Contacts XTDream:
Twitter and Instagram: @XTDream
























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